I’m back! And with a baby!

I’m baaaaaaack! Things got a little crazy over here.. uhm, I had a baby! AND we bought a house! Between getting used to a baby, packing, moving, getting used to a new town, a new house.. this blog has fallen to the wayside, and I’m sorry! But here I am and I’m ready to get into it with you guys!

So here he is, my little baby boy, Ryan Richard.


Born on Memorial Day, May, 26, 2014 at 7:55 pm, he’s the love of my life.


He came to us at 6 lbs, 4 oz, 21.25 inches long and a head full of hair.


I’ll be back soon with my birth story, the house story, how we’ve all been coping and so much more soon!


PS. Cooper is loving on his little brother just as much as his mommy and daddy are.



Who else is loving this spring weather? (sorry to all of you not enjoying the weather I am!) Even though the pollen is crazy around here and I can’t take any allergy pills except for Benadryl (great for 3 hour naps with the pup…) I am so happy to have some warmth and sunshine in my life. On this gorgeous Friday , let’s take a look at the things I’m liking this week!

Favorite Freezer Friendly: These Soft Baked Banana Cookies look SO good, and, as the author points outs, would be great to freeze and snack on while breastfeeding/in between meals once the baby comes. Now if I could just get this oven fixed…

banana cookies-9835

Favorite Parenting Win: Any Harry Potter fan will agree that this is the most awesome ever. Even though the Mechanic is not necessarily an HP fan, this baby sure will be, just like his momma.

Grounding done right

Favorite for One: I’m not a huge fan of pancakes, but when the craving hits I want them then and there. I made this pancake for one the other day and oh. my goodness. Delicious. I made banana chocolate chip, but the options are endless! I also suggest making this into 2 pancakes, easier to flip!

Single Lady Pancake

Favorite TV Find: Being on maternity leave has made Netflix and I BFF’s. I found the Canadian show Lost Girl via some random suggestions. If you like Grimm, Supernatural, or any other kind of otherworld within the human world shows, check this out! SO GOOD.

Favorite Mommy Advice: I read this article shortly after writing my post about being told the good parts of parenting, and it really hit me. I love this honest post, 10 Things They Won’t Tell You, but I Will by Scary Mommy.

Favorite How I’m Feeling: My brain no longer works. Baby has taken over. See ya.


Favorite Baked Good: This Lemon Pound Cake with Vanilla Bean Glaze looks AMAZING. I’ve mastered the skill f baking banana bread without an oven(how to coming soon!!) and I wonder if this pound cake will work with that method?

Lemon Pound Cake with Vanilla Bean Glaze


Although Friday no longer has the same meaning to me being on Maternity Leave, it does mean I’m one more week closer to meeting baby boy! So what links have you been loving this week?


10 Things Tuesday: Happiness on an Icky Day

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday again? Time is so messed up these days being pregnant – on one hand, it’s flying. How on EARTH am I already almost 35 weeks pregnant? On the other hand, it’s dragggginnnggg – Is it seriously still April?

My internet’s been really weird the past week, but I think it’s all handled now. And not a moment too late as today is such a gross day – overcast, cold, windy, and spitting. Days like this, I need a real pick me up, which bring us to this weeks 10 Things Tuesday:

10 Things That Make Me Happy on an Icky Day

1. Watching quirky TV shows:  New Girl, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, etc. Usually a quick 30 minute episode of any of these shows will do the trick, but sometimes you just need a marathon. Usually the ickiness of the day correlates exponentially to the length of the marathon.

2. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Something about the combo of bread, sauce, and cheese always puts me in a good mood. Order it to be delivered, and life is that much better. I apologize in advance to all of you who live where the only pizza options Domino’s or Pizza Hut. As much as I ache to live down south, I don’t know how to live without good, buy by the slice pizza.

3. DIY it up lady. I love arts and crafts. They are my all time favorite. When it’s icky out, I feel like I’ve gotten a free pass from the world to work on my 846,250 projects that I’m working on at any moment. (just make sure to separate the DIYing and the pizza. Trust me on this one.)

4. Catch up on your shows. Do you have an shows that you watch in bursts? Watching them weekly sounds like a lot of work/commitment, but sometimes you go a watch the 5 episodes that you missed all at once. Icky days are the best for this. I’m looking at you, Grimm and Nashville.

5. Make a big pot of soup and a large batch of cookies. What better time that an icky day to sit and cook a huge pot of soup? You have the time let it sit and do it’s thing, and at the end you have comforting bowl of deliciousness. Plus, after you put the left overs in containers and either you have lunch/dinner for the week or emergency freezer soup. While you’re at it, make cookies. Because cookies are delicious. Use that recipe that makes  4 dozen, and freeze the portioned dough, so you have an emergency cookie stash as well. You’re welcome.

6. Go online window shopping. Please, please, please tell me I’m not the only one who does this? Go to your favorite shopping website, and go shopping. Add things to your cart. Rack up a big ol’ bill. Then see the subtotal and laugh. For some reason, I find this fun and entertaining. If the website has a ‘wishlist’ option, that works as well, though no as fun.

7. Clean. Okay, depending on the day, this is a bad option. But sometimes, I feel the need to go on a cleaning binge. I clean out closets and drawers and fill up bags of crap to throw out. I do a billion loads of laundry or move all the furniture to sweep under it. And man, when I lay down later (maybe after eating a bowl of soup and more cookies than I care to admit) and I smell how clean everything is, damn it feels good.

8. Call someone I haven’t talked to in a while. I’m the queen of texting and emailing. I HATE talking on the phone. But sometimes on an icky day, I’ll call one of the people who love to talk on the phone and chat for an hour or so. Usually at the end I wonder why I don’t do it more, and everyone’s happy. Then I don’t call again until the next monsoon. Love ya, Dad!

9. Read a non-sense book or magazine. Often, when I’m reading I feel like I have to read something fulfilling, that will enlighten me, or expand my knowledge. Icky day = reading trashy magazines and romance novels.

10. Cuddle or take a nap. If it’s a Sunday (the Mechanic’s only day off) and an icky day, I’ll try to convince him to sneak upstairs and spend the day cuddled up and comfy. Keep the PJ’s on, turn on a good movie or show, and just do nothing. When was the last time you did nothing? A long time ago, I’m sure, if you’re anything like me.


So what do you do when it’s really icky out? Let me know in the comments!


10 Things Tuesday : 10 things that freak me out about having a baby

I’m the Queen of lists. Ask my husband – I have about five going at once at any given moment. To-do lists, shopping lists, bucket lists, things I want lists, baby lists, calendar lists.. the list of lists never ends. That’s why I wanted to start a weekly list – a place to list my favorites, my fears, my thoughts – whatever this crazy brain thinks of. So I give you : 10 Things Tuesday!

This week I’m highlighting the things that make me nervous about having a baby. Not the normal, “will I be an okay mom?” “how much will labor hurt?” “will the baby be healthy?” (I do worry about these things, fyi though.) No, the weirdo things that only I would worry about. So I present to you,  things that freak me out about having a baby:

1. I’ve never changed a diaper. And I’m skeeved really easily. I’m sure I can handle the actual process of changing a diaper, but the poop part? yeahhhh….

2. I’ll get annoyed if someone wants to even look at my baby. I’m very territorial. And selfish. I know right now I’m not going to want to hand over my baby so someone else can gush over him. I’m sorry, you want to cuddle the little munchkin I just went through 9 months of pregnancy to hang out with? Think again. When people tell me now about how they’ll take the baby overnight, I’m like, oh, will you now? I have problems.

3. I’ll drop him. Or something similar. I’ve also never been a baby sitter. There are no small children in my family. I have no friends with babies. Before a few months ago, (when I was literally FORCED to hold a coworkers newborn- thanks guys.) I hadn’t held a baby since my cousin was born. My cousin is now graduating high school this June. The whole supporting the head, very fragile thing seems like a lot of responsibility..

4. I’ll take too long to get the bod back. One day I’ll tell you guys all about how I lost 50 pounds a few years ago after always thinking I was just a bigger boned curvy chick. Gaining this weight has been fun, (hey there cookie dough ice cream!) and also emotional. Although I know it takes a while to get back to where you were body wise, I’m afraid I won’t cut myself enough slack with it.

6. I’ll need a c-section. Right now, little dude’s reeeeall comfy in the transverse position. I am extremely uncomfortable all moments of the day. Since I’m just about 34 weeks, I’m going in Friday for an ultrasound to see if there’s any reason he isn’t turned yet. Obviously I’m hoping he turns head down ASAP, but from what my Dr. said, it doesn’t look too promising. And if he doesn’t turn, c-section it is. I am terrified of needles and hospitals and surgery – the biggest surgery I’ve ever had was getting all 4 wisdom teeth out at once, but that’s it.

7. He’ll like the hubs more. I’m pretty sure the Mechanic was always cool. I, on the other hand, was not. I’m pretty sure this baby will like my husband more than he likes me, if only because he’s genuinely cooler and will let the baby do whatever his little heart pleases. (for example, I’ve already had to bargain when this kid is allowed to get his first dirt bike. Sorry babe, you can not put my 5 year old son on a dirt bike.) It’s just not fair.

8. I won’t think he’s cute. I have a confession to make: I don’t think babies are cute. In fact, about a month before I found out I was pregnant, I distinctly remember talking to my friend at work when someone brought their baby in about how much we didn’t like/care about babies, but the second a dog came in the office it was game over. I just don’t think babies are cute. But what if I don’t think mine is cute? Won’t I go to hell or something?

9. I’ll be delisional about how cute he is. Only thing worse than an ugly baby is a parent that thinks their ugly baby is the cutest baby ever. I don’t want the be the mom that gushes about how cute my wittle bity baby is when it’s really a beast. God, I really AM going to hell..

10. Nothing will ever be the same. I know this one is fact. And I’m actually okay with that. Nothing will be the same because I will have the most precious, poopy, potentially ugly little man I could ever imagine, and I am so okay with that.


So what were you afraid of when you were expecting, or before you were pregnant? Let me know in the comments!


Tell us the good parts.

I have a real problem with the people I meet these days. As I get more and more noticeably pregnant, the ‘advice’ that I was always told would come has been coming non-stop. What no one ever told me though, is that I wouldn’t be given ‘advice’. I would be given warnings.

“Enjoy sleeping while you can!” “Spend as much time as you can with your husband, it will never be the same.” “Time? What time?” “Labor will be the worst moments of your life, you can’t survive it without meds.” “You’ll never have another moment to yourself.” “Aw, you’re so cute with your optimism.” “They’re actually really boring for the first 2 months.” “The recovery is torture.”

I understand that motherhood isn’t easy. I would never take that from anyone. But isn’t it also the most wonderful, fulfilling, and magical time of a woman or man’s life? I can only imagine that when this little man is here, the little man that was created out of love that my husband and I have for each other, that I spent nine months dreaming and wondering and growing, I will be overcome with happiness and excitement. Of course I’ll be tired and frustrated and emotional, but will any of it even matter when I’m looking at this little man?

I’m sure there are a few people who are reading this and saying, you poor, poor girl. You have no idea what you’re in for. (another common warning.) And that’s true. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into, but I’m confident that all of the bad parts of it will be outweighed by the positives. It’s just odd that I never hear about them – EVER.

And, I’ll admit, I’ve fallen victim to this. I know that I’ve told my friends, most of who pregnancy and motherhood are something of the distant future for, to beware of pregnancy. I’ve whined about the aches and pains, the inability to sleep and embarrassing emotional breakdowns, the feet stuck in my ribs and uncomfortable Braxton Hicks. But I haven’t told them about how amazing it feels when he kicks or rolls, the joy I felt seeing him squirm on the ultrasounds, or the way my husband looks at me with awe and joy when I left my shirt and reveal my belly. I haven’t told them about how I no longer need to watch TV for entertainment, sometimes I sit with my hands and eyes on my belly for an hour in amazement, or how I already feel so connected and responsible for this little boy. No, I only have told them the icky parts, because it makes me feel validated, as if they need to understand my suffering. But they don’t need to understand that. They DO need to understand that being pregnant is magic, and when it happens to them, they’ll have the same dreamy smile on their faces when they think of whether the baby will have her hands or his daddy’s.

So, ladies and gents, I propose that we start anew. Let’s share the beautiful things about motherhood (or fatherhood!). Don’t scare us moms to be, or bore us with the same stories about how tired we’ll be. We know that a newborn cries all night and that they’ll poop on just about everything. But we don’t know that the first smile will break our hearts and heal our scars all at the same time. We don’t know how we’ll feel when we hold our baby for the first time. We get that babies are work, and that there are some really hard days and nights and weeks ahead. So don’t tell us about that. Tell us what you wish was told to you when you were pregnant. Tell us the good parts.


I found a puppy to be almost unbearable. How can I raise a child?

About a month ago at work, I was talking to a coworker about how on Saturdays, Cooper will not go back to sleep once my husband leaves. He whines from 6:15 onward until I begrudgingly roll out of bed and go down the stairs to start the day. My coworker told me to just simply tell him to go back to bed (thank you, because I’ve never thought of that one.) and then proceeded to say, “Oh, you’re a bad dog trainer, you’re going to be a bad mom.”

tired, because he was up at the crack of dawn. thanks bud.

I responded with a, “Gee, thanks,” and walked away flabbergasted that anyone would have the gall to say that to any woman, much less a pregnant woman. And as much as I do not take it to heart since I am not necessarily fond of this woman nor does she know what kind of mother I will be, it is something that worries me.


When we first got Cooper, after MONTHS of my begging the Mechanic for a puppy, I feared I made the wrong decision. He woke me up around 5 times a night to go potty and often wouldn’t go back to bed, leaving me up with him at 3 AM for an hour or so. He also had anxiety about leaving our apartment, so in order to get him any exercise, we had to literally carry him somewhere, and walk him back to the apartment. (he had no problem RUNNING back to the apartment, but if you walked him away from the apartment, he wouldn’t BUDGE.) He taunted Molly, cried and was cranky due to teething and growth spurts, would nap at strange intervals, and had this very odd behavior of faking a broken or hurt paw when he knew we were mad at him. I’d asked for a cuddle muffin of a puppy, and instead I got an infant and toddler in one on my hands. There was a lot of crying and a lot of doubt.


While now, at 10 months, he’s a lot better, I swear that this dog is not a dog, and in fact is a small child stuck in a dog’s body. He whines and gets cranky when he’s hungry or tired, but never seems to be able to figure it out for himself to just eat or sleep. He gets the crazies before he has to go poo, and runs in circles. If he knows anyone in the house is asleep and he is not, he will go to their room and whine and cry. If the Mechanic works late, his whole schedule is off and he whines because daddy isn’t home. But alas, he is my baby and I love him.


I will admit, though, it scares me how easily I get annoyed or frustrated with him. He’s being a dog or wanting me to love him, and I just want to be able to lay down and relax, so I yell at him to stop or give him ANOTHER treat to distract him just for five minutes


I had a bit of a breakdown a  few weeks ago when the Mechanic once again related the dog doing something bad while I was home (he’d gotten and began to chew a silica packet from my MIL’s room – he’s fine, though) to the fact that we’d have a baby soon. I cried, telling him how every time he says that, and I know he NEVER means it in a malicious or rude way and is just being matter of fact when he brings it up, I get upset because I am already so worried about that. If I can barely take care of a need 10 month old dog, how on EARTH am I going to take care of my child?


At the end of the day, I do believe that I will be a good mother. I watch Cooper know (most of the time..) to be gentle with the cats, that he can’t jump on people when they first come home, that if he has to go potty just ask, and most importantly that mommy and daddy love him so so much, and I know I can handle this baby. I know that motherhood will just come naturally and that, thankfully, babies give you a bit more of a learning curve than puppies do. I have time until the baby wants to eat everything off the floor or stay up late or annoy the sleeping cats or ingest a paper towel (okay, I hope he never wants to eat paper towels. Especially not ONLY used ones, as my adorable dog seems to prefer.) I know that a dog, while a good training tool for parenthood, is not the end all be all of how I will be with a baby or how great of a mother I will be.


Did you ever have anxiety about how good of a mom you will be?

Moms, do you think that your pets prepared you at all for motherhood?

Does anyone else’s dog literally eat used paper towels and tissues? ..Anyone?


Thinking about: Houses. Somehow, we unexpectedly found ourselves house hunting. We always have looked at houses and made plans, but we’re just now realizing that we have the money saved that we would need. Saturday we looked at our first house on a whim and put in an offer on Sunday, and we just found out someone put in a higher, all cash offer. Definitely bummed, but from what I hear, no one gets the house they put their first offer in on. So on we go, looking for others!

Reading: Taking a break from baby stuff this week, and reading a smutty romance novel. I got a Nook about two years ago for my birthday and I love being able to find cheap, crappy romance novels to satiate my need. Right now I’m reading Lick by Kylie Scott, a book about a 21 year old who blacks out in Vegas and wakes up married to the guitarist of a huge rock band. I swear I do read ‘real’ books on occasion, but there’s something about the smut that I love!

Listening to: I’ve been on such a Mumford and Sons kick this whole week. I love their music, and to me it always seems like the perfect balance of energy and laid-back. With spring FINALLY here, it’s the perfect time to roll the windows down on my drive home and unwind with these guys.

Watching: Glee. I started watching this my freshman year of college, and I feel so committed to it, even though I don’t think it’s really worth my time anymore. I definitely feel like it should have ended a season or two ago.. but I refuse to stop watching. Anyone else?

Thankful for: The fact that maternity leave is so close! I’ve been counting down the days, and there’s only two and a half more weeks until I get to relax at home and nap mid-day! Plus, the Mechanic goes in to work much later than I, at 1, so we’ll be able to have lunch together everyday and actually spend more than 20 minutes awake together! Woohoo!

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