TV shows to binge watch when you’re off and recovering

While I’m getting together my thoughts on my last non-mommy NYC trip and recovering from it (long story short – my entire lower body is sore from walking non stop and wearing shoes that got wet at 10 AM) I figured I’d give you my list of favorite TV shows to binge watch when I am off and/or home sick.

Boy Meets World


There are few shows that I have encountered that I can watch the same episodes over and over and over and over. Boy Meets World is one of those shows for me. I watch an episode on ABC Family nearly every morning while getting ready and there is nothing more comforting to me than watching a few hours of it while sick on the couch.
You might want to binge this one if: You’re craving funny, reasonably wholesome entertainment with life lessons scattered throughout. Watch Corey, Sean, and Topanga grown up from middle school to college and learn from eachother, their friends, family, and of course, Mr. Feeny.

Gossip Girl


I started watching this when I was in High School, and when I went to college I was too busy/lazy/tired to continue. When the series finale came and went, I decided to catch up, and last summer, I spent any down time I had watching the entire series. Totally worth not having to wait week to week to see how the drama unfolds.
You might want to binge on this one if: You miss the exaggerated high school drama. Or want to watch a good dramatic and painful relationship come to get and fall apart over and over. Blair and Chuck 4 eva ❤



This one’s a bit newer, but I find it a bit addicting. I’m a weirdo who likes supernatural/otherworld stories and this one fits the bill. It’s in the middle of the third season right now and just went on the fall hiatus, so it’s a good time to catch up on it.
You might want to binge on this one if: You like shows like Supernatural and/or cop shows such as CSI. It’s about a police officer who finds out he has the power to see people who are basically monsters in disguise, and has the destiny to kill the bad ones. There’s a lot of really good comic relief with a few of the characters as well as a few love triangles.

New Girl


One of the few shows I have watched since it first aired, New Girl is hilarious and never fails to make me see a bit of myself more clearly. I(I’m pretty sure Jess and I might be the same person..)
You might want to binge on this one if: You want to watch a funny girly show about a girl trying to hang out with the guys and find her place in a relatively normal world when she is FAR from a normal girl. Episodes are short, too, 30 minutes each, so you can watch a bunch at once or one when you’re making dinner.

Modern Family

modern family wallpaper (5)

I don’t even know if this one REALLY needs an intro, since everyone knows and loves this show. Amazing.
You might want to binge on this one if: You want to laugh hysterically while having a warm family lesson. Again. Amazing.

The Wild Thornberry’s


When I was in college, I dated a really nerdy IT type kid, who could burn me DVDs of any show or movie I could think of. One day he surprised me with all of the episodes of Nickelodeon’s the Wild Thornberry’s. Nostalgia at it’s finest.
You might want to binge on this one if: you’re in the mood for cartoons, want to watch something animal based, or just want to watch one of your favorite TV show from your childhood. Plus, the voice of Eliza is actually Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls. Watch a few episodes and see if you can catch it! (I never can..)


I asked Santa for a Netflix subscription this year .. any shows I should add to my list?

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