What I Ate Wednesday, BLW Style

I have a weird obsession with following other people’s lives. It’s been since I was little and my mom would buy stacks and stacks of trashy tabloids to follow the lives of celebrities. Then as I got older I stalked people via AIM away messages. (remember those!?) Next came Myspace, then Facebook, where you can find out every fact of every moment of your friends and foes’ lives. Eventually, I was introduced to the world of blogging. One of my favorite posts to see on my favorite blogging sites is what they ate through a day. So it’s only fair that I share it too! With that in mind, here you go, what we ate on Tuesday!

Morning Snack: Easiest Baby Cookie Ever

Ryan and Banana cookie

Breakfast: Eggs, PB&J on breast milk pancakes, steamed veggies, and roasted sweet potatoes for Ryan, PB&J Tostada for momma. (Corn tortilla cooked very crispy in coconut oil, topped with peanut butter and jelly. Go make one right now, trust me.)

Ryan bfast WIAW1

Lunch: Eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed carrots, broccoli, peas, and corn, raw tomato and cucumber for Ryan, a “quesadilla” with refried beans, corn, olives, and cut up carrots with a side of homemade salsa for me.


morgan lunch wiaw1

Dinner: Poached chicken, steamed veggies, tomato, cucumber, roast sweet potatoes and raw and steamed apples for dessert for Ryan, a huge salad (lettuce mix, tomato, cucumber, olive, banana pepper and homemade strawberry red wine vinegar dressing) and barbecue chicken and onion kabobs and a Coke Zero (life) for me!

morgandinner wiaw1

Ryan dinner wiaw 1

There was also an unpictured, larger-than-it-should-have-been handful of Enjoy Life dark chocolate chips after Ryan went to bed too. 😉

So there was our day in food! I try to give Ryan a good bit of options with each meal, but as you can see there is a good bit of overlap, since I use a lot of frozen veggies, and steam a ton at one time to use for multiple meals. Today he had his first olives – I know they’re a bit salty, but it considering that he has no other added salt in his diet, and it was 8 slices total, I’m not worried. I make sure water is readily available at all times as well.

I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday!

Have you ever made a random concoction of deliciousness, like I did with my PB&J ‘tostada’? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday, BLW Style

  1. Happy WIAW! Thanks for sharing your eats – I love seeing what everyone’s eating. And yes – I love random concoctions! I made a PB2, arctic Zero “Sundae” this week in my WIAW and loved it. So much fun seeing yours too!

  2. Wow, thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane with AIM and MySpace! Isn’t BLW the best?

    Okay, that was semi-sarcastic since it’s obviously stressful, but great to see them exploring too! I’m always making a random mix of a lot things thrown together. It’s basically my dinner most nights of the week. Steamed veggies, canned salmon or sardines, and lots of herbs and spices. Not gourmet, but usually tastes good.

    Yours and Ryan’s eats both look pretty good, and I’ll need to try a PB&J tostada sometime!

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