Friday Favorites #3

FRIIIIIDAYYYY! Fri-YAY, amirite? This weekend is supposed to rain but I don’t ven care. I feel like it was such a long week, probably because I’m PRETTY sure the boy is teething and the dog has been out.of.control. Anyone else have a yellow lab that is so adorably stupid, but also obnoxious some days? No one? Okay. Moving on, here are my favorites from around the web this week!

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles Recipe

Favorite cool treat: Even though this week has been a touch cooler in NJ, the hot days are upon us! This summer I for see many outdoor days with my little guy and possibly a few batches of these awesome MSPI friendly ice pops! Just substitute the soy yogurt for coconut!

And this Snapchat, which spices up herb puns even more.

Favorite Laugh Out Loud: I can’t even take this. The rest in this post are pretty goo, but the thyme one.. Also, does anyone else get stuck for what feels like hours on Buzzfeed? I have the app and it was the best/worst decision of my life.

Construction Party Lunch Idea

Favorite party theme: With Ryan’s first coming up, I’ve been on my birthday party inspiration grind and I LOVE this Steel Beam Construction themed party from Moms and Munchkins. If Ryan was a little older, it would be happening.

Rainbow Triangle Bunting DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Favorite festive DIY: In the same vein, this Rainbow Triangle Bunting is so cute! I’m so inspired to make my own, possibly without a sewing machine.

How to Make a Hula Hoop Tent

Favorite kid DIY: This hula hoop tent from A Beautiful Mess is what all my childhood dreams are made of. I REALLY want to make Ryan one. I got a sewing machine when I was 16, so if someone wants to show me how to use it… 😉

This professor lectures while holding a student’s child to calm him down. So much love for this.

Coffee naps are real. Thank you, The Kitchn. This could be life changing.

This post about Netflix shows for new moms. As an avid Netflix user and a mom, I love this! Also, proud to announce there are some on here I haven’t seen.

The Greatest Parenting Advice from 9 Amazing Moms.

Linking up with Life in Leggings! Have a great weekend everyone!